3 Tasty Cold Press Juicing Recipes

Cold press juicers are very healthy and tasty; they packed with nutrients, minerals and enzymes. They are very helpful to maintain up with a healthy diet. There are many reasons why cold press juices are preferred but the most beneficial is that they are the most pure form of juice. Cold press juices extract almost all the juice from the fruit and vegetable, the best part of drinking cold press juice is that they are filled with nutrients; any other juicer destroys most of the ingredients because of the heat produced while spinning a metal blade. As we know cold press juicer extract juice with help of a hydraulic press, resulting more fresh and healthy juice.

Today we will discuss the recipes to prepare some of the delicious cold press juices.

The Green Twist:

This classic green juice recipe is designed to offer an energizing boost to those who love the cleansing benefits of vegetable juices. They are filled with vitamins, iron and minerals. You can prepare one liter and can even save them for up-to three days they will stay fresh.

For this recipe, you will need a small amount of freshly peeled ginger, juice of three lemons, five hundred grams of spinach or you can even use kale, two fifty grams of celery and five deseeded apples. Place all the ingredients in the cold press juicer and let it perform the task. Once you have received the juice, mix it well and serve or save for later.

The Uprooted Juice:

If you are looking for something sweet, spicy and a little tropical twist then this is a right option for you.  This juice consists of high amount of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that will help you to cure many diseases and will help you to boost your immune system.  To prepare this juice you will need fifteen gram of argon oil, fifteen gram of fresh ginger, thirty gram of turmeric, two hundred gram of fennel, three hundred grams of oranges and four hundred grams of carrots. Place all of them in the jar of the cold press juicer and let the juicer perform its task. Once you have the juice, mix it properly and serve. Make sure to remove any excess foam from the juice before serving.

Smooth Almond Milk:

It’s slightly different from any other cold press juice, but it’s very delicious and even more healthy and energizing than any other morning drink or coffee. To prepare this drink you will be needing a liter of a coconut water, three drops of vanilla, one pinch sea salt, five pitted grapes, one hundred and twenty grams of almond and one shot espresso. Then add small amount of all these ingredients together in the cold press juicer, once you have extracted the juice, serve them and enjoy in the morning.

These recipes will surely make your diet healthy and will help you to maintain a good health. You must try them; they will bring the positive change in your lifestyle.

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